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China petroleum and chemical used valve level enhances
Mar 12,2015 丨 点击次数:2715
The valve is essential to the control unit in petrochemical production equipment.There are many types of valves, with the continuous improvement of all kinds of complete sets of equipment, process flow, type of valve is growing.

According to understand, petroleum chemical industry with the valve according to its USES different can be divided into the following categories:

1, used to cut off or connect pipe in the medium of gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, etc.;
2, used to adjust the medium pressure and flow control valve in pipe line (which has two kinds of pneumatic and electric type), pressure reducing valve, throttle valve, butterfly valve, balance valve, etc.;
3, used to prevent the backflow medium, and ensure the one-way flow of media check valve;
4, used for overtemperature and overpressure protection, discharge excess medium, to prevent the temperature and pressure in excess of the prescribed value, thus ensuring the safe operation of the equipment and piping system of safety valve, zi flow valve, etc.;
5, is used to change the direction of the medium flow in pipe line, bypass medium role of distributing valve, three-way or four-way plug valves, three-way or four-way valves, etc.;
6, for medium sample analysis of sampling valve;
7, other special use hydrophobic valve, drain valve and vent valve, discharge valve, etc.

Experts predict that the 12th five-year period, the development of petrochemical industry with the valve is focused on large-scale petrochemical, oil and gas gathering pipelines, major engineering construction facilities, such as coal liquefaction valve for the development of new products, such as more than 80 ton and ethylene cracking furnace outlet pipe used in high temperature, large diameter high pressure ball valve, valve, large diameter pipeline ball valve, the demand such as liquefied natural gas with cryogenic valves will have bigger growth.

In recent years, China's petrochemical industry with increasing degree of localization of valve, played a part in the high-end market.In nuclear Sue valve, high pressure valve in lanzhou has become a domestic large megaton ethylene plant special valve localization of the main suppliers.Among them, the nuclear Sue the company independent research and development of hydrogenation decoking valve plate gate valve has been successfully used to eastern chemical plant localization project.In nuclear Sue valve only in supply in the field of special valve of nearly 100 million yuan, make large ethylene special valve localization has achieved a major breakthrough in the complete sets of equipment.In addition, zhejiang east China successfully developed the first domestic hydrogenation valves and valve valve of ethylene and other new products;Si jie chemical industry development of "special high pressure regulating CO2 vapor formulation urea butterfly valve", katz, the development and production of high temperature ball valve;Sichuan power intelligent valve industry valve before encryption security table, rewrite the history of the domestic hydrogenation valves imports.

Expert introduction, however, that in petrochemical industry such as high-pressure corrugated tube valve in high pressure polyethylene, ethylene cracking furnace coke flat valve, ethylene more than 2500 pounds of the ultra high temperature and high pressure or still need to import the key of the cryogenic valve, some special material valve, including all kinds of snap valve structure, clamp sleeve valve, valve, regulating valve control system all rely on imports.

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