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All kinds of valves are commonly used
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1. City gas valve: a city gas accounted for 22% of the natural gas market, the valve dosage is large, its type also.The main need ball valve, plug valves, pressure reducing valve, safety valve.
2. The cities heating valve: a generation of thermal system, need a lot of metal sealing butterfly valve, horizontal balancing valve and directly buried type ball valve, because of this kind of valve piping vertical and horizontal hydraulic disorder problem, achieve the goal of energy saving, generation of heat balance.
3. City building valves: urban construction system generally adopts low-pressure valve, is environment-friendly and energy-saving direction.Environmental protection rubber plate valves, balance valves and center line butterfly valve, metal sealing butterfly valve is gradually replace low iron gate valves.Domestic urban construction need more for balancing valve valve, soft-sealing gate valve, butterfly valve, etc.
4. Environmental protection with the valve: domestic environmental protection system, water supply system is mainly need center line butterfly valve, soft-sealing gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve (used to eliminate the air in the pipe).Sewage treatment system mainly need soft-sealing gate valve, butterfly valve.
5. Long distance pipeline valve: a long pipeline mainly for crude oil, finished product and natural line.Dosage of this type of pipeline should be in the majority of the valve are three postures full size ball valves, forged steel sulfur resistant plate gate valve, safety valve, check valve.
6. Petrochemical device with the valve: a, oil refining equipment, oil refining device of the valve is mostly pipe valves, mainly for the gate valve, globe valve, check valve, safety valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, steam trap, among them, the gate to amount to about 80% of the total number of valves, (valve of the device with a total investment of 3% ~ 5%).B, chemical fiber, chemical fiber products mainly include polyester, acrylic, whalen three categories.The clamp of valve ball valves, valve (jacketed clamp clamp ball valve, gate valve, globe valve).C, propylene sunny device.The device generally need to use the API standard valve production, mainly for the gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, drain valve, needle valve, plug valves, among them, the gate valve of the total accounted for about 75%.D, ammonia plant.Because of the synthetic ammonia and purification methods, its technological process is different, the technical performance of the valve required is different also.At present, the domestic ammonia plant mainly need gate valve, globe valve, check valve, drain valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, needle valve, safety valve, high temperature and low temperature valve.Among them, the cut-off valve accounted for 53.4%, according to the device with a valve, gate valve accounted for 25.1%, 7.7%, trap relief valve (2.4%), the regulator and the cryogenic valve and the other 11.4%. E, ethylene plant, is a leading petrochemical ethylene device, its need a variety of the valve.Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, lift rod ball valve is a majority, including gate valves should be tops.The tenth five-year plan, the country still need to build six sets of annual output of 660000 tons of ethylene plant, the valve demand is considerable.In addition, large ethylene and high pressure polyethylene plant with ultra high temperature, the low temperature and super high pressure valve series products.F, air separation unit."Air" or air separation, the device is mainly need cut-off valve, safety valve, check valve, regulating valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, cryogenic valve.G, polypropylene device, polypropylene with propylene as raw material, through the polymerization of polymer, the device is mainly need gate valve, globe valve, check valve, needle valve, ball valve, steam trap.
7. Power station with valve: for the construction of the power station in China are large-scale direction, so the need of large diameter and high pressure relief valve, pressure reducing valve, cut-off valve, gate valve, butterfly valves, emergency shut-off valve, and flow control valve, the spherical seal globe valve, (according to the national "tenth five-year plan, with the exception of Inner Mongolia, guizhou provinces can be built more than 200000 kilowatts units, other provinces and cities can only be built more than 300000 kilowatts units).
8. Metallurgical valve: alumina behavior mainly used in metallurgical industry abrasive slurry valve (in current cut-off valve), adjust steam trap.Main steelmaking industry need metal sealing ball valve, butterfly valve and ball valve, globe valve oxide and four-way reversing valve.
9. Marine valve flat share: with the development of offshore oil field exploitation, the sea flat hair need valve also gradually increasing.Offshore platform with shut off ball valve, check valve, multi-channel valve.
10. The food and drug use valve: the industry mainly with stainless steel ball valve, non-toxic all plastic ball valve and butterfly valve.More than 10 kinds of valve products, the demand of the general valve compared, such as instrumentation valve, needle valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve is in the majority.

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